“1847 rogers bros” in Classifieds in Alberta

I think it is something like “colonial” or similar? I just don’t remember exactly. However, if you will go to the above area marked “links” you will find several very good resources to determine the exact pattern name, and usually a date of manufacture as well. I’m sorry to tell you that silver plate of any sort is of little value these days because no one wishes to do the needed polishing for items that are not full sterling silver. There are some very pretty, and ornate patterns of flatware in silver-plate that are still highly collectible and some do bring nice prices to. I’m afraid this is not one of them. Permalink Reply by Bradley on September 24, at I got that bad news from Liz at Lizjewel.

What are some popular 1847 Rogers Bros. silverware patterns?

Whether you just inherited a full set of the family silver or you found a great deal at a garage sale, you may be wondering how to find the value of antique silver. Types of Silver Real antique silver is never without value but there are a few details which you will need. The first thing you will want to do is to clean the silver thoroughly so that you can more easily read backstamps and markings. There are two types of silver: Silverplate is a process of coating a base metal with silver so that the end results looks like the real thing but is actually much less costly.

If the item feels light in weight for its size, it may be plated.

Apr 27,  · Clearing up the Rogers Confusion: Marks and Manufacturers There are a number of makers of silver (both sterling and silverplate) that use the Rogers name. This post is an attempt to create a list, history, and database that will make this situation a little less confusing.

In the s the family moved into a block of workshops which would become their most famous address, No. As well as producing an unrivaled range of pen and pocket knives, the company became famous for their exhibition cutlery, which showed off the skill of the cutlers working for them. These wonders could be seen in the company showrooms on Norfolk Street, which when opened in caused a sensation.

There were very few showrooms within Sheffield, where visitors could come to look at and buy goods in plush surroundings. The first visitors did not even realise that the goods in the cabinets were for sale, the idea was so strange. Joseph Rodgers had a reputation for producing the best quality items in Sheffield.

A village headman commiserated with him because there were no more Rodgers knives made. When the officer objected the headman told him that a British traveller had given him a Rodgers knife and told him they could cut through iron, something a prisoner in chains had done. While continuing to make high quality products, the late Victorian period onwards were difficult for the company.

Rogers Brothers Silverware Patterns Sale

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FLATWARE PATTERNS ROGERS BROS. Rogers is a recurrent name in American makers of coin, sterling and silverplate ware. There is a great confusion about the firms bearing this name. The number of companies using the Rogers name is countless.

Something about the patina of the pieces, their imperfections, and unique intricate details etched into them makes me smile each time I open the drawer and pull one out. A few weekends ago I made an unexpected stop to an estate sale I found the mother-lode. Upon arriving at the house, I waited in line I was hoping that all this waiting would actually amount to finding something super awesome inside.

Boy, was I happy I waited around! Walking through the house, I came to the conclusion that this was obviously someone who collected and had an extensive collection of the coolest, oldest, and most random things probably what my house is going to look like in 30 years. By the time I made it into the kitchen, I thought all hope was lost at this awesome estate sale, until I came to three Above the boxes was a piece of paper with the words written: I immediately got so excited I ran over the the cupboard, found a large mixing bowl, and started filling it with all the most unique and intricate pieces I could find!

I do believe that people thought I was going mad, but I did not care. My blood was pumping, and I was excited! I felt like I had just struck gold For me, these pieces turn an ordinary meal into something that is special and elegant.


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The men managing the various “Rogers” companies sometimes were linked by family relationships but often this was not the case. The best known trademark is ” Rogers Bros “, used from , but lots of companies with this name were created, merged, separated in .

Since most of the inquiries I have received have to do with ” What is my spoon worth? Cartoon character spoons, advertising spoons, presidents Roger Bros. There is not a large market for modern spoons. The date is when the company was founded. These spoons are silverplated, usually of poor quality and are very very common.

Prices in antique stores Ebay will vary greatly. Most general line antique dealers are not familiar with souvenir spoons and some will often price them at unreasonable levels. Simply because you see a spoon at a certain price, that does NOT mean that it will sell at that price. I have seen spoons sit in antique shops for years, without being sold. Generally speaking, if the spoon is from a well known site which attracted lots of tourists , the chances are that there will be a lot of those spoons, thus the price will be lower.

Spoons that have a state name on them ie. California, New York, Utah etc.

1847 Rogers Brothers Silver Plated Flatware

People aren’t necessarily looking only for sterling; they just want to know what they’re buying. Most of the time, you can find the answer simply by turning over the teaspoon, fish fork, ice cream saw, or cheese scoop antique flatware is that specialized. On the reverse side, you usually find an indented mark or series of marks that holds a wealth of information about the item — not only what it’s made of, but sometimes also where, when, and by whom it was made.

Sep 24,  · I have recently acquired a set of ” Rogers Bros” silver plated flatware, though perhaps I should say “formerly” silver-plated since most of the silver has worn off. I would like to know what year it was actually produced.

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Spoon Values

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Also Rogers Bros. Elton. Doric Also Rogers & Hamilton. Acanthus Also Montgomery Ward, Palace Brand, and Rogers & Hamilton. Belmont. Aldine A dd’l information. Atlantic. Alpine Also Rogers Bros. Delmonico I Also Rogers Bros. Coral Also Meriden Britannia, Rogers Bros. and.

It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. One of the most frustrating parts of silver collecting it the lack of research data compiled in one place. I hope to correct this. I hope that parts of it can be useful to you. If you do find it useful please feel free to leave a comment.

If you use any information here please leave a link to the post for others. Tuesday, April 27, Clearing up the Rogers Confusion: Marks and Manufacturers There are a number of makers of silver both sterling and silverplate that use the Rogers name. This post is an attempt to create a list, history, and database that will make this situation a little less confusing.

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It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate. One of the most frustrating parts of silver collecting it the lack of research data compiled in one place. I hope to correct this. I hope that parts of it can be useful to you.

Find this silverware in many different editions on the vast inventory of Rogers Bros silverware on eBay. The “Flair” 58 piece set of 14 knives, 14 forks, 14 salad forks, 10 spoons, four large spoons, and six extra serving pieces comes in a beautiful wooden box with red, velvet lining.

Due to server maintenance we are not accepting new questions at this moment. Wm Rogers and Son Silverware: The WM Rogers silver coin was introduced by William Hazen Rogers in the first half of what would the price range for a wm rogers and sons exquisite pattern Silver and Flatware Wm Rogers son Exquisite pieces: Here s a link to a page that has Exquisite pieces for sale: Price Sort by price, lowest to highest Sort by price, highest to lowest Patterns in Silverplate: Berkeley by Wm.

Rogers Son and Anchor Rogers.

Silverplate Marks versus Sterling Flatware Marks—Basics

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