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You can reach the place by taxi, motor taxi, or on foot. Otherwise you may be taken to a different place with the exact same address in a different district. Once you arrive at the shop the process is simple enough. Hand the woman at the front desk , dong. After you pay, one of the numerous women standing in the hallway will take you to the next room. The women who work here seem to range in age from 19 to about 24 or Most are above average in looks.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Location Review

Located at street number 74, Hoang Duc is nestled among several other shops including quite a few that offer that same kinds of services. Still it is somehow rather discreet. Perhaps that is because of the location or the entrance that is recessed back from the street a bit. Chairs line both sides of the lobby and they are usually full of women who sit around playing with cards or their phones until a customer arrives.

Ho Chi Minh reminds me of the Bangkok I arrived in many years ago, a city with a relatively small expat community and a city on the move. Ho Chi Minh City is shrouded in mystery and part of the fun is in uncovering its secrets.

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Then there is Vietnam. Hanoi is the capital but Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city. So where the ladyboys in Ho Chi Minh City? While there are some ladyboys in Vietnam they are a rare breed. There are no ladyboy bars or massage parlors , but they sometimes show up in those places. Chica Bar at 60 Pasteur in District 1 currently has two ladyboys working.

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Those who survived settled and began selling a variety of Chinese products. The area today is a popular site for those on the tourist trail and also attracts many Taiwanese and Chinese visitors. Cholon is an interesting place to see classical Chinese architecture reminiscent of years gone by with plenty of Chinese restaurants. The Binh Tay market at the centre is busy, crowded and messy with small aisles selling all manner of goods.

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There are tons of Vietnam tour companies selling half day and full day trips to the Ci Chi Tunnels. The tunnels were used during the Vietnam War by the Viet Cong soldiers. Hannah barely fit in the Cu Chi tunnels, and there was no way Adam was going to fit! You can literally crawl through the tunnels and try and imagine what life would have been like living in the tunnels during the war. Mekong Delta Take a river cruise down the Mekong Delta. Mui Ne is the driest region in Southeast Asia.

There are some amazing unique things to do in Mui Ne. Get up early in the morning for sunrise over the dunes just a mile outside the center of Mui Ne. Save time for other things to do in Mui Ne like windsurfing and kite surfing. Da Lat has amazing lakes and waterfalls that are easily explored by motorbike. Average flight prices for a one-way ticket from the following Vietnam destinations: Many tourists travel to Vietnam just to go diving in Nha Trang.

Besides the gorgeous beaches, there are several waterfalls near Nha Trang. Nha Trang is very popular with Russian tourist and many of the hotels have Russian speaking staff and Russian menus.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: It was the capital of the French protectorate of Cochinchina — and of South Vietnam — Ho Chi Minh City: The Vietnamese first gained entry to the region in the 17th century. Relations with France began in the 18th century, when French traders and missionaries settled in the area.

Touchdown in Vietnam amid the chaotic streets of Ho Chi Minh City, travel through Cambodia and arrive in Thailand’s vivacious capital. In Cambodia, visit the spectacular temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, and reflect on Cambodia’s tragic history at the sobering sites of Phnom Penh.

See Article History Alternative Titles: The city is situated in northern Vietnam on the western bank of the Red River , about 85 miles km inland from the South China Sea. In addition to being the national capital, Hanoi is also a province-level municipality thanh pho , administered by the central government. Thang Long remained the main capital of Vietnam until , when the last Vietnamese dynasty , the Nguyen — , transferred the capital south to Hue.

The city occasionally was renamed for periods of time, and one of these names, Dong Kinh, given to it during the Later Le dynasty — , became corrupted by Europeans to Tonquin. During the French colonial period — the name Tonkin was used to refer to the entire region. In it was made the capital of French Indochina. Hanoi remained the administrative centre during the Japanese occupation —45 of the territory.

In August , following the Japanese surrender, the Viet Minh under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh seized power in Hanoi, and the city was established as the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

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Its buildings reflect the various cultures that have intruded over the centuries—Chinese, Cambodian, French, Japanese, American. Its history can read like a laundry list of wars. This is especially true now, as the Vietnamese economy surges and Ho Chi Minh City finds itself in the midst of a massively ambitious urban renewal project.

The hotel, which opened this year, occupies the upper 13 floors of a story glassy block in District 1, an area where the French Colonial architecture is rapidly being overshadowed by a huddle of high-concept skyscrapers and shopping malls. In the florid reception area stands a large gold and emerald clock that the concierge informs me is worth about half a million dollars.

Housed in a beautiful cream-colored building dating back to , the Hotel Majestic Saigon offers a glimpse of Ho Chi Minh’s colonial : Investigators.

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Explore the underground passageways used by Viet Cong soldiers during the Vietnam War as you head to the Cu Chi tunnels with an experienced guide. Learn how extensive subterranean world was created, watch engaging documentaries about its use, and get the chance to fire an AK assault rifle. Spend the day discovering the history, traditions, and culture of the energetic city of Ho Chi Minh. Follow your local guide as you wander through timeless winding alleys to magnificent pagodas, bustling marketplaces, gourmet restaurants, and architectural wonders.

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Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City? The never-ending story Tweet 30 Jun “I have only 5 days to spare for Vietnam. If only Vietnam Online staff were not so diverse in perspective, style and places of origins. So the debates start spreading into our lunch times, phone conversations, emails and even into our heads while we prepare other parts of this website.

Enough rivalry and competition said – here we present to you the debates between Duong Nguyen – one of our Hanoi senior editors and Thu Ngo – our most recent addition to the Ho Chi Minh City team. Expect some heaps of aggression underlain by love and pride. The motion is clear enough: Ho Chi Minh City deserves your precious holiday more than Hanoi. Thu Ngo – the proposer of the motion – tells you why it is so. Ho Chi Minh City view 1.

Fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong – Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City

Jul 21, By Marketing ICP Travel Blog , Travel Experiences Vietnam War is long-gone, however still do you see what had happened in the past in the breathe of Vietnamese modern life, with a brighter view and added many unique cultural aspects. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Vietnam has not only much more developed and became one of the hottest travel destinations over the world, but also known how to get the most out of its past to add values to the national tourism industry. Number of travelers come to Vietnam with the intention of discovering its war sites and old battlefields.

Whether you are a history buff, or just your curiosity, these historic war sites may be of your interest. This museum comprises several sections storing military equipments, as well as actual war site photographs, the victims of wars… As per its name, the Museum tells sad stories of the last brutal war.

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Here are our tips on where to find the best pho in old Saigon. Jetstar November Although regarded as a northern invention, pho is as ubiquitous in Ho Chi Minh City as it is in Hanoi, its spiritual home. Despite its popularity, pho is a relatively recent invention, dating back to the late 19th century when it originated in the provinces around Hanoi. The dish has transcended its northern roots to gain popularity around the nation.

When setting up in a foreign country, homesick southern exiles frequently brand their restaurants in honour of this venerable establishment, one of the oldest in Ho Chi Minh City. And the southern-style pho here is worthy of its widespread imitation. Generous portions and plentiful extras—herbs, bean sprouts and gio chao quay fried breadsticks —complement the clear, balanced broth and fresh, soft rice noodles.

Its popularity is due, in part, to its famously rich broth, thicker than other versions and bubbled with fat.

11 Top Tourist Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City & Easy Day Trips

The name Vietnam originated in when envoys from the newly founded Nguyen dynasty traveled to Beijing to establish diplomatic relations with the Chinese court. The new emperor had chosen the name Nam Viet for his kingdom. The word Viet he derived from the traditional name for the Vietnamese imperial domain and its people in what is now northern and central Vietnam. Nam south had been added to acknowledge the expansion of the dynasty’s domain into lands to the south.

The Chinese objected to this new name because it was the same as an ancient state that had rebelled against Chinese rule. They therefore changed it to Viet Nam.

Ho Chi Minh City hotels in District 1: If you’re heading to Vietnam and looking for where to stay in Ho Chi Minh City, then read on. Below I list up some of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, and all of my choices are in District 1, where many of the city’s best attractions are.

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While under the name Saigon, the city was the capital of the French colony, Cochin-china, later becoming the capital of Republic of South Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City, named after communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh, acquired its name in , after joining with the province of Gia Dinh and two suburban districts of two other nearby provinces. Featuring wide boulevards and French colonial architecture, including the cathedral Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, the adjacent Saigon Central Post Office, and the famous Rex Hotel, District 1 is home to many tourist attractions on Vietnam vacation packages.

This distinct structure was built in the s, and served as residence and workplace to former president of South Vietnam, and then symbolized the Fall of Saigon, on April 30, , as enemy tanks crashed through its gates, declaring victory over the Vietnam War. There are many museums to visit on Vietnam tour packages, including the War Remnants Museum, which exhibits various war relics, fighter aircraft, and shocking imagery of the Vietnam War.

Along with historic sites, Ho Chi Minh features various recreational parks and entertainment facilities.

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If you travel to Ho Chi Minh City and have just a couple of days for sightseeing, here are some of the greatest landmarks and must-sees of Saigon. What to see in Ho Chi Minh City? Ho Chi MInh City is a popular travel destination, famous for its colonial charm and buzzing city life. Your choice of sightseeing in Saigon is what you pick from a broad variety of landmarks of different time periods.

Saigon offers a range of parks, temples, museums and other attractions to fill your day. Architectural landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City No visitor of Saigon can evade the beautiful buildings from the colonial era. Every landmark tells a history, and every background story adds to your sightseeing experience. The city hall of Saigon is right at the center and built by the same man that created the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you cannot miss it. Tourists can cover both of them in one go, and while the interior of the post office is enthralling like a window to the marvels of the colonial era, the cathedral is more interesting from outside, originally built with material imported from France.

Other sights in Ho Chi Minh City that tell a history, are the widely known Reunification Palace , the scene of the final showdown that marked the fall of Saigon and the end of the American war in , and the Saigon Opera House , built in , nowadays the prime location where classical operas and concerts are held. Famous markets to see in Saigon No tour in Ho Chi Minh City is complete without a stop at one of the famous traditional markets.

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