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Early history[ edit ] Tunis was originally a Berber settlement. Tunis was one of the first towns in the region to fall under Carthaginian control, and in the centuries that followed Tunis was mentioned in the military histories associated with Carthage. Compared to the ancient ruins of Carthage, the ruins of ancient Tunis are not as large. Both Tunis and Carthage were destroyed; Tunis, however, was rebuilt first [14] under the rule of Augustus and became an important town under Roman control and the center of a booming agricultural industry. The city is mentioned in the Tabula Peutingeriana as Thuni. However, Tunis remained modestly sized compared to Carthage during this time. The city had the natural advantage of coastal access, via the Mediterranean , to the major ports of southern Europe. Early on, Tunis played a military role; the Arabs recognized the strategic importance of its proximity to the Strait of Sicily. From the beginning of the 8th century Tunis was the chef-lieu of the area: It was briefly the national capital, from the end of the reign of Ibrahim II in , until [17] when control over Ifriqiya was lost to the newly founded Fatimid Caliphate.

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Yet her act has caused conservative religious leaders there to take laws into their own hands. Recent reports claim that FEMEN’s Facebook account was hacked and that one page been infiltrated with videos and pictures on the site with verses from the Koran. Salafist preacher Adel Almi pictured called for Amina to be ‘quarantined’ and stoned to death after comparing her to someone with a contagious illness ‘Thanks to God we have hacked this immoral page and the best is yet to come,’ read one message signed by ‘al-Angour,’ an apparent hacker.

Salafist religious leaders in Tunisia want Amina to be stoned to death. FEMEN responded with a statement condemning ‘barbarian threats of the Islamists’ and said that April 4 will mark the ‘beginning of a new, genuine Arab Spring, after which true freedom, freedom without mullahs and caliphs, will come to Tunisia!

More than 10, people have already signed the petition that called for those who threatened Amina’s life to be prosecuted. A spokesman for Human Rights Watch said: A FEMEN protester is hauled away during a demonstration at the Italian elections last month ‘The Tunisian state should react at the very least by condemning these words and protecting her from physical assault, and investigate if the crime of inciting violence has taken place. One of its leaders also recently condemned Elmar Brok, a powerful German MEP in the European parliament for seeking the services of Ukrainian prostitutes, an accusation which he has yet to deny.

Tunisia is going through a period of turbulence with human rights a central theme of street demonstrations. FEMEN is declaring April 4 the day of ‘relentless topless jihad against Islamism’ in a bid to jump-start a new Arab Spring for women’s rights Protesters on Monday demanded the resignation of Tunisia’s minister for women’s affairs, Sihem Badi, accusing her of defending a children’s nursery where a three-year-old girl was raped, according to the French news agency AFP.

The toddler was raped repeatedly by the caretaker of a nursery in a smart suburb of the capital, according to the police, which led to an arrest of the suspect. Yet early indications are suggesting that he may escape prosecution following the minister’s comments which seemed to shift the blame to the family and hinted that he would ‘no measures against the caretaker were needed’ according to AFP.

When I imagine my daughter, who weighs 10 kilos, in the hands — and on several occasions — of this year-old caretaker, I have only one wish, to die,’ the father of the victim told the French news wire.


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Yet a Pew Research Center survey found that 89 percent of Tunisians still consider sex outside of marriage “morally wrong. This places an outsized importance on physical evidence of female virginity: People across the country still follow various wedding night traditions surrounding a bride’s virginity, such as newlyweds presenting a bloodied sheet to their families, or the man lighting a candle that can be seen from outside and that indicates his wife bled when they had sex.

Due to the candid and personal nature of the information they shared, these women have been identified by their first names only. It was a good sign. We could go home. Our cousin was a virgin. The families of the married couple laughed and ululated. You get two, three days.

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Follow A leader of the terrorist group suspected of being behind the Tunisian beach massacre is living in benefits in Britain. He is said to be one of the “key influencers” of the Islamic fanatics believed to have recruited and trained gunman Seifeddine Rezgui. Asked how he could justify taking so much in benefits, al-Sibai, who is under investigation suspected of benefit fraud, told the Daily Mail: I expect the Home Secretary to deal with this urgently. There is a very strong case for him to be deported.

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Love and Bezness in Tunisia Love in Tunisia – Bezness in Tunisia – Online Bezness Millions of tourists from western countries are visiting Tunisia each year – and about half of them are women, because Tunisia is not exactly a typical holiday destination for men only, such as Thailand. Tunisia is rather a country where mostly European families can spend an inexpensive vacation just hours away from Europe.

However, if you walk through the tourists zones of Tunisia, you will observe not only european couples, but also many binational ones, usually tunisian men with western women who enjoy their summerlove sensation. According to estimations, there are, each year, tens of thousands of such partnerships starting – but only in a very few exceptional cases they are made for life, only a few will last for more than than a handful of years, and the vast majority of them will end within a much shorter time period.

The reasons for that is, apart from criminal and unethical motives of some tunisian men namely marriage and immigration fraud, also known as “bezness” and short term love business “sex tourism”, namely of western women and homosexual men , the huge, almost incrosseable gap between the cultures. And this gap is for most of the couples further widened by the different religions and languages. On this website, we want to discuss all these topics and give you information, explanations and helpful hints.

Even though there are partnership relations between tunisian women and western men very rare and there are also relations between western and tunisian homosexual men rare , the relations between western women and tunisian men are the vast majority of all binational relationsships with tunisians. We are using on this website the term “western” or “european” generally for people from non tunisian, non arabic countries, eg.

Europe, Australia or North America.

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Revolution and Political Transition in Tunisia: A Migration Game Changer? May 28, Profile By Katharina Natter Tunisia has seen skyrocketing unemployment, particularly among university-educated youth, spurring contemporary emigrant waves and contributing to discontent leading to the revolution. Amine Ghrabi With more than 1. From the mid s onwards, Libya emerged as a destination for migrant workers, while family migration became the main entry pathway to traditional European destinations.

In the s, Italy became increasingly attractive for low-skilled Tunisian workers due to its geographical proximity and the absence of immigration restrictions.

Jul 04,  · “I hate Tunisian women” Discussion in ‘Rat Behavior’ started by catgirl, Jul 3, Tunisian men hate Tunisian women, as they say, because they are smoking and drinking and making party and screwing around so all the stuff Tunisian men do themselves. They have dating but allways with another person joining, mostly a family member.

Originally Posted by mommytotwo I am American, married a muslim man, am not brainwashed, am happy with my “arrangement”, which I call marriage, am allowed to chat on a forum however my DH did ask me to take our zip code off , and obviously have access to the web. That being said, I agree with the posters that any woman should think twice before marrying ANY man.

Regarding a Muslim man, yes women you should think twice as well. Even moderate muslim men will probably want their children raised muslim. You will need to discuss this with him if you plan to have children oh, yes, he will likely want children, so if you don’t want them you will need to discuss that as well. If you are a devout Christian and want to raise your children Christian, I advise you to discuss this first. More importantly than religion, there are cultural differences between people, and if you are dead set in your own cultural ways, you may want to stick to your own kind.

If your American and you want to marry anyone of a different culture you need to understand that there will be differences that you will need to come to terms with at some point, as CPG already stated So sorry about your friend Carol, my goodness that is a sad story, wonder what ever happened to her I just had to post in here because I married a Muslim man almost 10 years ago yes our anniversary is coming and have not suffered as a result of this. Come to think of it, we were married Islamically at the mosque 13 years ago, so it’s even longer I even visited his country last summer and my mother let me go without her I guess she trusts my DH and inlaws now after all these years, as early on she said I couldn’t go unless she escorted me there.

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So when the Tunisian boyfriend say, age is not important in love and the European women say she looks much younger than her age It’s also not following the Islam religion. So when the family from your boyfriend let you stay in their house together during holiday, they don’t respect you at all and you will also not be respected because you should know it’s not done. Walking hand in hand and kissing in public is also not done and if they respect you they wouldn’t do it.

Allthough they tell you that it’s OK because it’s a Tourist place and he’s modern, that is also Even a friend who only have 20 dinars left and still 10 days to go to his next pay check, he will give his last 20 dinars to his friend who need it.

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Latest From The Blog Revolution in Tunisia may have been overdue but when it came it was relatively peaceful as has been the transition to a democracy meaning that the tourism industry in the country is stronger than ever, the coverage having possibly even highlighted Tunisia to potential tourists as a beautiful and progressive nation with a long and fascinating history. Tourism in the country is well developed and people welcoming, even in smaller towns and villages who see less visitors.

Of course the beautiful, usually sandy, coastline is a major attraction but the interior of the country going down to the edges of the Sahara and the across to the Atlas mountains should also be explored by those with a sense of adventure and there is enough to keep history buffs transfixed for weeks. Though there were other Phoenician cities that remained independent the Carthaginian empire started to spread and flourish, absorbing many other cities.

The Punic Wars with Rome however eventually led to the downfall of Carthage after Hannibal and his armies were eventually defeated and the Romans sacked cities including Tunis and Carthage. It is with the Romans that Tunis gained importance though, being rebuilt and becoming an important trading post and later city in its own right under the empire.

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As opposed to most tourist scams, which are designed to quickly rip a tourist out of a couple of bucks, Bezness is a long-term play, that can carry on for months or sometimes even years, and can financially and emotionally ruin the victim, leaving her behind with nothing but debts and a broken heart. These men invest a lot of time in building trust and building a fake relationship with their victim, while in truth, some of them run a simultaneous play on up to 20 women at the same time!

The Bezness scammer observes female tourists from a distance and uses his vast experience to analyze their body language and clothing style in order to classify his victim for country of origin, social class and vulnerability.

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Tunisia lifts ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims President’s initiative secures Tunisian women’s right to choose spouse despite opposition from mainstream Muslim clerics 14 Sep The announcement came a month after President Beji Caid Essebsi called for the government to lift the ban dating back to , arguing that existing practice violates Tunisia’s constitution, adopted in in the wake of the Arab Spring revolution.

Tunisia – A revolutionary model? He created a commission, led by a female lawyer and rights activists, aimed at drafting revised rules. Until now a non-Muslim man who wished to marry a Muslim Tunisian woman had to convert to Islam and submit a certificate of his conversion as proof while a Muslim Tunisian man is allowed to marry a non-Muslim woman. Human rights groups in the North African country had campaigned for the ban’s abolition, saying it undermined the fundamental human right to choose a spouse.

Inheritance inequality Tunisia is viewed as being ahead of most Arab countries on women’s rights, but there is still discrimination, particularly in matters of inheritance.

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Etymology[ edit ] The original name may be derived from the Arabic word Kaskasa, meaning “to pound small” or the Berber Seksu, meaning “well rolled”, “well formed”, or “rounded”. It may have been invented by the Berbers. Lucie Bolens, University of Geneva, [7] says that Berbers were preparing couscous as early as to BC, describing primitive couscous pots found in tombs in Algeria dating back to the reign of the Berber King Massinissa.

And in the 13th century a Syrian historian from Aleppo includes four references for couscous. These early mentions show that couscous spread rapidly, but generally that couscous was common from Tripolitania to the west, while from Cyrenaica to the east the main cuisine was Egyptian, with couscous as an occasional dish. It is also common in Western Africa whence it has spread into Central Africa. It is the national dish of the Maghreb countries.

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